How To Choose Moving Company

How to Choose a Reliable Moving  Company?

Moving cross country or across the street could be an intimidating task.  So hiring a professional, licensed moving company could be the right first move. There are some major factors to consider when choosing a moving company. You have to do your research and ask questions because today there a hundreds of rogue movers out there.

1.Is the moving company licensed and insured?

Check their DOT number and membership associations. Members of AMSA are generally trustworthy movers as many of them are PRO Mover certified. You can search for them at . In addition, every state has established a moving association that enforces rules and regulations to ensure quality moving services. This way if a moving company is a member of the specific association you know they follow the rules defined by the association. So, you can just search for the state moving association and locate movers from their website.

2. Read moving reviews.

Nevertheless, always take the reviews with a grain of salt. Bad reviews do not mean a bad company.Incidents happen and the moving companies always work with the clients to resolve the issues. It’s too bad that we mostly see reviews of unhappy customers.  The happy once usually just prefer to enjoy their free time and new home, and forget about the moving company. So, when contacting a professional moving company for your relocation, ask them for references. You can ask for references for moves done to the same state or city and you can contact the person to hear the recommendations personally.

3. Contact local moving companies.

Most moving companies handle both types of moves, including commercial relocation. When a company is local to you they can come to your house and do a free in-house estimate. It is a service all legit moving companies should offer. In Illinois for example, it is the law to offer clients in your area in-house estimate. This enables you to get a binding estimate, which will help you stick to your budget.

Moving could be stressful if not done properly. You need to plan before, during and aster the move. A moving company will always help you plan and execute the relocation in a professional manner. Make sure you stay informed the whole time and ask the right questions.


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