About Moving Reviews

 Many of us, when planning a move, wonder whether the reviews on the various moving reviews websites are trustworthy and real. Business reviews’ websites have developed and implemented techniques for making it possible only for real people to post reviews and comments. Yet abuses happen. When you are about to move, the first questions that pop up in your head are “Will my stuff be safe in the hands of movers?” and “How much will it cost?” These are major factors deciding in favor for hiring one or another moving company.

Moving? Don’t Always Trust The Familiar Name

It is common practice for customers to choose a familiar name of a big national moving company. In our minds that rings the bell for trust. To be able to trust a moving company is important because moving to a new home is both exciting and scary. Many of us have been planning on moving to the dream city or house for a long time, and when this finally happens the excitement may take precedent, yet the fear resides inside. The fact that we will trust our households in the hands of strangers (movers) intensifies our fear greatly. Thus, many clients when hiring a moving company consider not only the quote, but the  moving company satisfaction rate.

 Moving Reviews Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Prior to singing a contract with a moving company, customers can always ask for references or go online and read movers’ reviews . This is how you can get an idea about the customers’ satisfaction rate of the moving company. Yelp is one of the most popular websites for reading consumers reviews. It has most of the moving companies in the US listed under the home services category. Keep in mind one thing though, bad reviews do not necessarily mean bad company. There a millions of people out there who may have had a bad day or just a scratch on a chair, who will tell you that the whole moving was a terrible experience. Moving is an intricate undertaking. Every case has a different scenario, it’s only one “show” and there are no general rehearsals. So, yes incidents do happen, but that does not mean a particular moving company is bad. Moreover, many of us never consider of the number of moves a company does a ear to the number of claims opened ratio. Generally, the percentage of bad moving reviews or claims opened in a year is less than one, but many of us never look at this statistic.

In addition to Yelp, there are many more moving reviews websites where one can find useful information. Below we will list some of them, but remember that besides going online and start reading reviews you can also ask the moving company about their claims resolution percentage.

Reliable Moving Reviews Websites

  1. www.MyMovingReviews.com
  2. Service Magic
  3. Insider Pages
  4. Angie’s List
  5. CitySearch
Let us know if you have visited any of these moving reviews websites!

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