Relocation Types

If you are moving, where you are, how far you are moving, how much stuff you are moving and more factors will dictate the your moving costs. Furthermore, different types of moves will be governed by different entities. If the move is local it will be governed by the rules and regulations of your state. If the move is going out of state, federal rules and regulations will apply. The charges for the different types of relocation also vary. Read further to see under which category your move falls and then contact a moving company.

Local & Intrastate Moves

Local move for some companies is within 50 to 100 miles radius of the main city of operation. You will be charged an hourly rate, but there might be additional charges for packing materials and travel time for local moves. If the move is out of the radius in which the moving company operates, then it’s considered intrastate and the charges could be different. In most cases the companies will take into consideration the weight or cubic feet of your inventory. However, occasionally some moving companies may consider a move local and charge you as for a local move, but again that depend on the distance and on the company’s licensing.

Long Distance or Interstate Move

Moves going out of state are considered long distance or interstate. In this case the charges are entirely different. The cost will be based on the weight or the cubic feet of your household or office goods. Many moving companies may consider both when preparing the estimate. The moving cost will also vary depending on the final destination. Moving to a more expensive city and state will likely increase the cost of your moving. For example, when state and local taxes are higher, the labor cost will respectively go up. If you are moving from Indianapolis to New York, the relocation will cost more because of the difference in labor cost between the two states. In this case, it is a good idea to consider the weight and size of your goods and try to cut it down by getting rid of less utilized items.

Commercial Moves

Toady, commercial moving happens as often as household moving. In this economy many small and big businesses start looking for better opportunities to grow their business. An inseparable part of this growing has become relocating to a more business friendly states. Most moving companies today offer commercial and office relocation services. Of course there are those that specialize in that, but there are very few of them. Consider choosing a moving company based on its rating and time in business when relocating your business. Consider how professional the moving agent is and if he/she has answered all your questions. You should get all the standard moving services including an assigned a relocation consultant who will work with you from start to end of your move. They should develop a plan that fits your company relocation needs and requirements. Keep in mind that the entire process will be more expensive than a household move. Thus again think about what you don’t need to move and your employees can work without or need to update when you get there.

Whatever questions you may have,you can always ask the moving company you have hired. Also, you can go to to see if the moving company is registered with FMCSA or check the company with your state moving association.


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