Moving Insurance

Are my goods insured when I hire a moving company?


Every moving company provides a basic valuation to each customer. Thus, there are two forms of coverage for clients to select from to protect their goods – basic liability and declared value protection.



Basic Limited Liability

By law the moving companies always have to provide a basic liability to every customer. This type of insurance coverage is provided at no additional cost to each customer. The rate at which the articles are covered may vary from state to state, so make sure you check with your moving company. A standard rate for local moves though is $0.30 per pound per article and $0.60 for long distance. Again, every customer is entitled to this basic limited coverage.

Declared Value Protection

You may also opt to purchase additional insurance. It is known as replacement value protection, which can cover the full value of your goods. This type of coverage may be purchased through a third party insurance company. You can always ask your insurance agent or current insurance company if they offer moving insurance for your upcoming relocation. You can also find many insurance companies online. E-Z Movers currently uses and Baker International.

Keep in mind that you must purchase your insurance at least two days before the move!     

Remember, these options apply to the property being moved only! Property damages and bodily injuries are covered by the company liability and workers compensation insurance.

Please, let us know if you have any questions in the comments’ section.


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