Wrap & Pack Business

What do we need to know about wrapping and packing?

What is appropriate and professional?

Wrapping and Packing is one of the most important aspects when moving. Different types of items require specific wrapping. Some may only require plastic wrap, while others may need more padding and boxes. What most companies offer as wrapping and packing materials include: small, medium and large boxes, lamp and mirror boxes, wardrobe boxes, plastic wrap, tape, bubble wrap and moving pads. Different size and weight objects have to be handled differently. Though most moving companies’ packing boxes and materials are professional and can hold quite heavy items.

Small and Loose Items

Loose items must be packed in a carton box even if they are in a small box already. Show boxes for example should be consolidated into larger boxes. It is not reasonable to expect movers to handle these items individually in a safely manner and meanwhile keep them organized.

Furniture & Fine Items

Sofas are usually wrapped in shrink wrap to ensure safety. It is most companies’ policy to do it though there is a charge for wrapping materials. This way the company guarantees protection against any damages. Wooden and finished furniture will be covered with moving pads which are used free of charge. However, movers need tape to keep the pads intact and tape cost  is paid by the customer. Fragile items such as glass, mirrors, marble or artwork should should be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a box.

Should you have any questions, please post in comments.


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